The HACHI Shochu, Rice (Komekasu), Refill Virgin Oak Matured

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Region: Japan
Distillery: Nakamoto Sake Brewery Co.,Ltd
Age: 7 Years
ABV: 30%
Size: 720 ml

THE HACHI SHOCHU, Rice (Komekasu), Cask Matured is a collaboration with Nakamoto Sake Brewery Co.,Ltd, located in Nara, Japan and with a history dating back to 1727. Traditionally producing Junmai, Junmai Ginjo and Junmai Daiginjo Sake the fermentation rice mash that remains after after the Sake has been pressed out from the Moromi is called Kome Kasu aka Sake Kasu. A usual by-product of the Sake brewing process with an ABV of about 8-13% the Kasu is then single distilled (making it a Honkaku Shochu) under vacuum pressure to retain the flavours of the underlying ingredient KOME (Rice) and then matured for about 7 years in a Refill Virgin Oak Cask to add layers of complexity to the original spirit. Come and enjoy this special bottling with Hacchan. 

Color: Very Light Straw/Pale Yellow. 
Nose: A sweet aroma of freshly cooked Japanese rice, mochi cream, fresh green apple, tropical fruits such as melon, guava, banana with undertones of honeycomb and grapefruit. 
Palate: Initial sweetness, fresh vanilla, honey reminding us of the oak maturation balanced with fresh apricots, sour plums and dark chocolate to finish. Reminiscent of a fruity and dry sake. The flavours of KOME (Rice) are very much present along with the additional layers of flavours from cask maturation.

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