For Trade Customers

If you are a hotel, restaurant, bar, or retail outlet seeking to broaden your beverage product offerings, we are delighted to collaborate with you on exclusive products that we import solely into Singapore. Our selection includes Japanese Whisky, Scotch, Independent Bottlings, Japanese Shochu, Rum, Japanese Gin, and Japanese Vodka.

The Hachi Shochu


Kikoji Ookubo Imo, Sweet Potato Shochu

The Hachi Shochu

Mugi, Barley Negroni

Mori No Yousei 17% Yaki Imo, Sweet Potato

Mankoi, Kokuto Brown Sugar

Umeshu Bloom

Reach out to us!

Feel free to reach out to our dedicated sales team to receive our detailed product portfolio and schedule an introduction, complete with a tasting session. We provide support to our trade customers through master classes, events, promotions, and more. Kanpai!

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