Hakushu Distillery Single Malt Japanese Whisky

The Hakushu Distillery, often referred to as the Mountain Forest Distillery, is nestled in the expansive forest that harmoniously coexists with nature at the base of the Southern Japan Alps. Within this serene setting, the Hakushu Distillery crafts a diverse range of unique whiskies.

In their quest to fashion a malt whisky distinct from that of the Yamazaki Distillery, Suntory's whisky makers embarked on a search for the optimal water for mashing. After scouring the entire country, they discovered the renowned water source of "Hakushu," situated in one of Japan's most celebrated water areas. In 1973, precisely fifty years after the inception of the first Japanese malt whisky distillery, Suntory established its second malt whisky distillery, "Hakushu." Whisky mashed using this pristine water source yields a delightful and gentle flavour, markedly different from the profound and rich taste characteristic of Yamazaki.

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The peated single malt Whisky from the house of Suntory.
Hakushu Single Malt Japanese Whisky (No Box)

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