Blanton's Bourbon

In the winter of 1881, Albert Bacon Blanton entered the bourbon history scene, born into one of the pioneering families. At just sixteen, he joined the Distillery as an office boy, swiftly evolving into a key trailblazer in bourbon development. Serving as company president from 1921 to his retirement in 1952, Blanton oversaw the expansion of the Distillery from 44 to 144 buildings, establishing it as the largest of its time. During his tenure, Colonel Blanton curated a distinctive and limited bourbon supply, his private reserve, handpicked and stored in what is now recognized as the iconic Warehouse H. Despite Colonel Blanton's passing in 1959, his legacy endures. Blanton's eponymous bourbon, introduced in 1984, marked the first commercially sold Single Barrel Bourbon (Buffalo Trace Distillery Website). Since 1999, each Blanton's bottle features one of 8 unique stoppers, each portraying a horse and jockey at different stages of a race. The stopper designs are lettered, spelling "BLANTONS" when a complete set is arranged side by side.

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