Customised Corporate Events

Explore a diverse range of spirits, from entry-level to luxurious selections, to craft distinctive tasting experiences.

Our tasting themes are endless and include but are not confined to:

Regional Showdown

Compare whiskies from different regions (e.g., Scotland, New Zealand, Japan, USA) to highlight the unique characteristics of each area's whisky production.

Single Malt vs. Blended

Contrasting single malt whiskies with blended ones to understand the nuances and characteristics of each style.

Peat Exploration

Dive into the world of peated whiskies, comparing lightly peated to heavily peated expressions to discern smoky flavors.

Cask Influence

Highlight how different casks (bourbon, sherry, wine, etc.) affect the flavor profile of whisky by tasting selections aged in various casks.

Customised Corporate Gifts

These gifts can be tailored to suit the preferences and branding of the corporate clients, creating a personalized and memorable experience.

Branded Glassware

Engraved or printed with the corporate logo.

Personalised Bottle Labels

Custom labels featuring the company's name or a special message.

Gift Baskets

Curated sets of premium liquors, paired with gourmet snacks or accessories, customised to fit the company's preferences.

Customised Packaging

Unique packaging or gift boxes branded with the corporate logo.

VIP Membership

Offering access to exclusive membership benefits, discounts, or early access to new products.

Cocktail Kits

Customised kits containing ingredients and recipes for signature cocktails, along with branded shakers or bar tools.

Embrace our Services

These events and giftings are uniquely designed to meet the specific needs and preferences of corporate clients. They can range from team-building workshops centered around whisky tastings sets to exclusive gatherings aimed at fostering client relationships!

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