Bowmore Distillery Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Often acclaimed as one of Islay's oldest distilleries, Bowmore traces its origins back to 1779, although it formally obtained the license to produce whisky in 1816. Situated at the heart of Islay, the distillery has changed hands multiple times in its storied history, notably in 1837 and then in 1963 when it came under the ownership of Stanley P Morrison. Subsequently, Japanese distiller Suntory acquired a stake in 1989, eventually assuming full control in 1994. Bowmore's unique production process involves conducting its own floor maltings for approximately 40% of its malt requirements, while the rest is sourced from the mainland, resulting in an overall medium-peated spirit. The distinct peat smoke carries a characteristic salinity, complemented by notes of mandarin peel and a floral touch. When matured in refill casks for an extended period, the peat becomes less overt. Bowmore's legendary No.1 Vaults primarily mature their whisky in ex-Sherry butts, benefiting from a distinctive damp environment situated below the level of Loch Indaal.

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