Navy Island Rum (Jamaican)

Rum is a distilled liquor crafted by fermenting and distilling sugarcane molasses or sugarcane juice, often aged in oak barrels. 

Navy Island Rum epitomise artisanal craftsmanship, offering two exquisite expressions meticulously produced, blended by seasoned experts, and tropically aged in the sun-soaked ambiance of Jamaica. The entire range of Navy Island rums is a marriage of premium rums, ensuring a 100% natural blend devoid of added sugars and other artificial additives. The namesake draws inspiration from the real Navy Island, nestled off the coast of Port Antonio, Jamaica. A captivating local legend links the island's transfer of ownership from the British Royal Navy to a Hollywood celebrity, with tales woven around rum and poker.

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Navy Island 'XO Reserve' Jamaican Rum

$119.00 SGD

Navy Island Navy Strength Jamaican Rum

$159.00 SGD