Hombo Shuzo Mars Whisky

Mars Whisky, a brand curated by Hombo Shuzo, a distinguished producer of traditional Japanese spirits, showcases the offerings of the Shinshu and Tsunuki distilleries. The Shinshu Mars Distillery, situated at an elevated 798 meters in the quaint village of Miyata in Nagano Prefecture, commenced operations in 1985. The region's moderate summer humidity and high-quality water render it an optimal locale for whisky production.

In response to a drastic drop in whisky demand amid the economic stagnation of 1990, Mars, a relatively new entrant to the field, temporarily ceased production in 1992. The whisky market's resurgence in 2007 prompted the Shinshu Mars Distillery to resume production in 2011, marking the end of nearly a two-decade hiatus. Today, it stands as a prominent brand in Japanese whisky, renowned for its creative expressions since the Shinshu distillery's reopening in 2011 and the inauguration of a new malt distillery named Tsunuki in 2016. The Tsunuki distillery released its inaugural single malt in 2020. Mars Whisky not only crafts Shinshu's distinctive Komagatake single malt and the nascent Tsunuki single malt but also presents a diverse range of blends such as Cosmo and Kasei. Additionally, Mars Maltings pure malts, coupled with an extensive array of limited editions and other single casks, cater to the preferences of collectors.

Under the ownership of the Hombo Shuzo group, which oversees the Mars Whisky brand, Shinshu, and Tsunuki distilleries, multiple production sites with dedicated cellars facilitate the maturation and aging of whiskies. This diverse maturation environment empowers the brand to skillfully blend whiskies with distinct characters, showcasing the impactful influence of local climatic conditions on the whisky's evolution.

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The Lucky Cat “Luna” is the seventh edition of the “The Lucky Cat” series – a blended whisky created using Mar’s whisky blending techniques.
Mars Lucky Cat "LUNA" Blended Whisky

$149.00 SGD