The Hachi Shochu

Immerse yourself in the artful collaboration between Ookubo Shuzo, a revered family-owned farm distillery in Kagoshima, and the passionate Hacchan, a devoted Shochu Otaku born and raised in Kagoshima, Japan. Together, they bring you The Hachi Shochu, Cask Matured - a distinctive expression that unveils the hidden gem of Shochu with a unique blend of flavours layered upon the original spirit. The result of a seamless collaboration, this special bottling showcases the expertise of Ookubo Shuzo, a distillery with a rich heritage, and the culinary passion of Hacchan. Together, they have elevated Shochu to new heights by maturing it in casks, infusing the spirit with a symphony of flavours that harmonise with the essence of Kagoshima's terroir.

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Cask-Matured THE HACHI SHOCHU Tasting

$25.00 SGD