Samurai No Mon Limited Edition Sweet Potato (Imo) Shochu

Ookubo Shuzo, originally founded in 1893 as Kubo Jozo was renamed in 1990 and has had a strong reputation for its high quality sweet potato (“Imo”) production at its own farms (which they also supply to other Shochu producers in Japan). Located in the city of Shibushi, Kagoshima Prefecture on the island of Kyūshū the climate is ideal for growing high-quality sweet potatoes and with only twelve people growing, harvesting, processing the imo to finally producing the Shochu, Ookubo Shuzo is truly a craft distillery.

Samurai No Mon is an annual limited release from Ookubo Shuzo, which is available only at select dealers throughout Japan. Produced by atmospheric distillation, it captures the full aroma and flavor of their high quality ingredients including their farm grown “Genji-imo” variety (considered quite special as it is regarded as the origin of all sweet potato) and the rice for the Koji, “Shiratama-mai” which was originally grown in the Edo era in Satsuma and Huga area (currently known as Kagoshima and Miyazaki). Specially cultivated again by Ookubo after a 154 year hiatus on their own "Dainan Nojo" farm in Kagoshima, this rice, along with their Imo and Kuro Koji (black koji), delivers a slightly sweet, floral, crisp and delicately spicy palate with a deep umami aroma and a complexity that stays in the mouth for long. Yet it remains very gentle, easy to drink and can be enjoyed straight or on the rocks. We would also recommend Oyuwari (i.e. with hot water) which enhances the aroma and flavours. Pairs perfectly with fried fish and meat, spicy food but also with some sweet desserts. Enjoy the precious flavours while reminiscing about the Samurai era.

Awarded HKIWSC Silver 2018, HKIWSC Bronze 2019 and Los Angeles International Spirits Competition 2018 Silver.